Charlotte Balensiefen

Music Director

             Jane Knapp 

River Valley Players’ production of “The Church Basement Ladies; Rise Up O Men “ Has been postponed until  November  2021 due to COVID 19.We have cleaned up each hot dish, emptied all the coffee pots, and put away the jello molds until next spring. The sturdy and steadfast women are now peeling off their good girdles and getting on with their daily chores. Meanwhile, they are dusting off their knickknacks, milking cows, and congregating with their lovable family until we can get together safely once again.  

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This latest chapter in the lives of these rural Minnesota Norwegians was developed by Greta Grosch, who wrote the scripts for the second, third, fourth, and fifth musicals in the series. Longtime Minneapolis StarTribune theatre critic, Graydon Royce, contributed additional material. Composer and songwriter Dennis Curley wrote the music, with lyrics by Dennis Curley and Greta Grosch. Check back for audition dates!